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Rich Program
We help create a program profile rich in information that matters to students.
Profile in Local Language
Short Videos of School Intro, Program Features, and Student Testimonials
Full Flexibility in Editing
Build School Profile

Dynamic Report
We provide timely recommendations for outreach and engagement based on analysis of students' activities on our platform
Number of Students Click Through the Program Profile
Characteristics of Prospective Students
Insights On Program Aspects
Students Most Care About
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Connect with Prospective Students
Official Information Session
Ask Me Anything (AMA)
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Recommend the RIGHT Students
We Provide High Quality Prospects
Matching Students
Select the Admission Criteria, Our AI algorithm Recommends Students According To Your Selection.
Send Customized Messages To Students Who Are In Different Stages Of Recruitment Cycle.
Engage With Prospective Students In The Way They Prefer
Seamless Integration
We'd like to make less work for you, not more.
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